Recent Projects

Invest in Quality.

About 2 yrs ago a competitor of ours did this project because their quote came in cheaper then ours, a story that has repeated itself countless times. As a consequence a wind and ice storm destroyed the netting.

After this – we (Golf Pro Netting) were hired to install new poles and netting. During installation, the shortcomings made themselves evident; we could see that some of the competitors poles were only in the ground at a depth of 4 feet and had very little guard wires to support the poles.

We may not always be the cheapest but we have an incredible product and an exceptional installation crew. We have done installations in Western and Eastern Canada and also in the Caribbean. We’ve been doing netting installations for 26 yrs. We are more then happy to supply references to let you know what our customers have to say about our company.

Trust Golf Pro Netting not just to do the job, but depend on us to do the job right.