Research Netting

SLIN NETS –Spring Littoral Index Netting

FWIN NETS – Fall Walleye Index Netting

Hung with a 2:1 ratio our standard size is 8′ x 50′ in a sinking or floating configuration.

All nets listed below are 8′ x 50′ and are hung to either floating or sinking.


Floating Sinking
3/4″ 10G03 10G06 $132.50
1″ 10G05 10G06 $105.95
1-1/2″ 10G07 10G08 $91.75
2″ 10G09 10G10 $89.75
2-1/2″ 10G11 10G12 $81.75
3″ 10G13 10G14 $76.95
3-1/2″ 10G15 10G16 $76.95
4″ 10G17 10G18 $75.85
4-1/2″ 10G19 10G20 $74.95
5″ 10G21 10G22 $79.00
5-1/2″ 10G23 10G24 $71.95

Prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping charges or applicable taxes.

We also supply a wide range of multi filament nylon gillnets in just about any mesh size from 4” to 8-1/2”. We will build the nets you require, to your exact specifications including leadline type and weight, hanging ratio, float spacing, with or without weedline and to your desired length and depth.


Whether you require a beach seine, purse seine, stop seine or multipurpose seine, Golf Pro Netting will custom build, your net to your specification.

And we build it to last. Golf Pro Netting uses only the finest components like UV-stabilized knotless or knotted nylon, and polyethylene nets. For seines, our stretched mesh sizes start at 1/4″.


Need it custom-built to your exact specifications? Or maybe one of our in-house designs will be the perfect fit. Either way, Golf Pro Netting will build you a functional, enduring and efficient trap net – using only the finest materials.